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2. The Magic of Balance

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Balance is defined by the Oxford dictionary as:

A condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

In the spiritual realm, we have a whole host of realms to examine balance…

  • Work/life balance

  • Chakra balance

  • Energetic balance

Are just a few of these ways we discuss balance in our vessels.

One of my favorite definitions of balance is:

Balance is a result of an unimpeded flow of energy that is expressed through the body, mind, emotions, soul, and spirit.

- Jane Seaman

Our MAG+IC lotion formula has been exceptional since the day I finally isolated a stable version. We have now been making our Mag+Ic lotion for nearly three years. That hum of my products, that energy transference is especially noted in this lotion.

It quickly climbed to our top-seller space and stayed there. Mostly, because…it works. The journey getting there was not without obstacles. This product required months of trial and error, until the balance was achieved.

My mom has always said “Anything worth having doesn’t come easily.” Although my current self believes all things flow easily to me, sometimes the flow is more like a trickle than a waterfall, and both are a blessing.

I’ve made body lotions for years.

It is a simple emulsion..

Oil+Water+Emulsifier=light, fluffy goodness

An emulsion is the suspension of tiny droplets of fat or oil suspended in a solution, usually water, and by all technical terms, it should not exist.

Oil and water are not stable together.

They migrate to opposite sides of the vessel due to the polarity (or charge) of the molecules.

Water is a polar molecule, it has a negative charge on one end and a positive charge on the other, like a battery.

Oil is a nonpolar molecule, meaning it has an evenly balanced charge throughout its structure.

Naturally, the distinct charges on the poles of the water molecules will attract and bond to one another, while the oil molecules will be most comfortable in the company of other evenly charged molecules.

A water and oil solution can be brought into balance by the magic of an emulsifier.

These happy little molecules are both hydrophilic (water loving) and hydrophobic (oil loving). They collect molecules from both poles and create a solution that resists the natural urge to separate. The emulsifier is the key to balancing the solution and creating a bond between oil and water.

If you overwhelm the formula with too much oil or butters, the emulsifier runs out of hydrophilic, water loving, molecules and you get an oil layer in your final product. If you add too much water, the hydrophobic oils become overrun and you will get that characteristic separation of oil vs. water. Some agents are much more stable at holding on to the hydrophobic and hydrophilic molecules than others and the emulsification balance can be readily destroyed with exposure to heat and time, depending on the strength of this bond.

When I think of an emulsion, I see the YinYang of Chinese culture. Opposite poles existing within one another and beside one another, this symbol is a reminder that everything in our lives is composed of polar opposites and to maintain our balance, we must find a way to connect to both sides.

Essentially, we must become the emulsifier of our life experiences. In our journey, we learn to perfect the art of fusing the light and the dark together into a seamless narrative of growing into the very best version of self.

Why Magnesium?

Well… magnesium is responsible for over 300 functions in the human body. It is a necessary element that nearly all of the population is deficient in. Approximately 70-90% of us run deficient because we no longer get magnesium naturally from the soils our food is grown in and the water we drink. Magnesium supports healthy blood glucose levels, healthy sleep patterns, healthy blood pressure levels, hormonal regulation, mood regulation, digestion patterns, and so much more. If you are deficient in magnesium, odds are something in your body is not running optimally. The type of magnesium we use in our formula is transdermal. This is our fancy way of saying it absorbs through the pores of our skin.

Why Arnica?

Arnica is a powerhouse herb. We are seeing more and more doctors turning to this as a solution for pain relief, due to the painkiller epidemic we are witnessing in this country. It has been used for centuries to alleviate tension, pain, discomfort, and inflammation.

It doesn’t have the numbing effects of a chemically synthesized compound intended to dull pain, however what it does is increase circulation to the area of application. This allows for the body to naturally heal and repair itself.

The magic in our MAg+IC lotion is it’s a gentle dance of light and dark, a fusion of oil and water, that is truly supporting people to live their healthiest, best balanced lives. We have taken Magnesium and Arnica and incorporated them into a hydrating, delicate emulsion. The reality is, it is so very easy to get off balance in this crazy world.

I stood in my studio this morning with the production team and listened to them chatting away about the weekend markets. I wasn’t going to share personal experiences with you all about the Mag+Ic lotion, but as I stood there washing dishes (yes, I still do my own dishes), I decided their words need to be heard.

The man who “Looked like he had cheetah spot bruises all over his arms from potent blood thinners,” in the words of our brand rep, this man who returned the next week with only a few small bruises amazed at “whatever that stuff is…it is Mag+Ic!” His voice needs to be heard.

The mama who reached out to me before we offered our unscented version of the lotion on our website, desperate to get more because her sweet autistic son was resting better and is so much more at ease in his day to day world. Her voice needs to be heard.

The man and his wife who drive a few hours to meet us at a market when he runs out of the Mag+Ic lotion he uses for the neuropathy in his feet.

The professional bodybuilders who buy 32oz at a time so they can ease their sore muscles post workout. Their voices need to be heard.

The mama who had leg cramps that would wake her up every night in those few precious moments of uninterrupted rest, her voice deserves to be heard.

Because the truth is every single one of us has felt off balance at some point in our lives and these stories that flood in every week of people finding relief and restoring their balance, these are stories of hope that you, too, can overcome the imbalance and find your peace. Your personal solution may not be in the form of Mag+Ic lotion, but the reality is, every one of us is struggling with something and it feels so good to know we live in a world of abundant means to resolve issues and move forward in growth.

We must only remain open to the gift of balance.

Mother Nature truly provides so many solutions for us, all we need to do is align.

Close your eyes for one moment with me, loves..

(unless you are driving…then, don’t).


Let’s go to a space and time in your life when you last felt balanced.

How did you feel?

When was this time?

What were you doing?

Now go deeper…how was your breathing pattern at this time?

What colors did you see?

What was the emulsifier in that moment that elegantly held together the two poles of your existence?

Hold on to this feeling and let’s travel to the other pole.

Find a recent space where you felt completely imbalanced.

Go there.

What was happening to create this sensation in your world?

What was your breathing pattern like?

Was there a trigger that sent you there?

What part of you was feeling this imbalance, body, mind, soul?

How did you recover from this place and regain balance?

How did you re-emulsify?

Open your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Now let’s span out and see both poles as exactly what they are, threads of our human experience. One of my most impactful lessons has been to resist the urge to categorize, judge or label an experience, person, or feeling.

I’ve worked a lot on becoming the observer of my life. In observing, I am able to disconnect the emotion of “good” or “bad” and simply see it as what is. If we are to effectively balance and emulsify the molecules of this life gig, we must learn to collect without bias from both sides of light and dark. What results is the most creamy, delightful fusion of joy, tears, laughter, peace, stress, and hope

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Until then, just be beautiful you and keep shining!

Find your balance.

Find your peace.

All my love,


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