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Hi there, Love.


My name is Jessica Marie and I’m so grateful you’re reading this.


The Soulful Science podcast is the space for all  the titles I wear to intersect and dance playfully. I’m a formally trained plant geneticist/chemist and I love the nitty-gritty science of this blessed life.


However, I also know there is so much more to our existence than what can be quantified by our current methods of research. Holistic living is my jam. I get excited about finding a plant-based solution for any and all issues our human vessels may present.


Most importantly (to me),  I’m a mama of three beautiful, star-seed children. Soulful Science is a space where we discuss all things conscious, crunchy and mindful, but mostly it’s a space for us to be real and vulnerable with one another about our human experiences. It is from one another we will learn, grow, and evolve into the beings we are intended to be. 

Because in  the end, “we are all just walking each other home.” 

-Ram Dass

Thank you for listening! I’m honored to know you. 

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